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I don’t write about my wife’s work very often, but I’m doing it now, because I continue to be astonished at what Laura does, every day, in her clinic.

Laura (Thompson) runs The Southern California Institute of Clinical Nutrition in Carlsbad, California. She works with patients in person, and also, long distance, by phone.

Here is the core fact: many people live their lives with severe nutritional deficits, and they don’t know it.

The consequences of these deficiencies are varied; all sorts of major problems crop up. And the problems are then misidentified.

The best nutritional answer goes much deeper than taking a conventional multi-vitamin-mineral every day.

Laura is a detective. She discovers the underlying pattern of nutritional deficiency, and then she corrects it with supplements that, in their effects, are light years beyond what you ordinarily find in health food stores.

For more than 15 years, Laura has been researching and keeping up to date on the highest-possible-quality nutrients and supplements—which, for the most part, are made by companies that only sell to health professionals.

Laura has found certain nutrient protocols that work with certain patients—but, first and foremost she works with the INDIVIDUAL, and she brilliantly discovers what that person needs.

This is not an ability that you find everywhere. It takes a special person with great skill, insight, and determination to do this kind of work.

I interpret what Laura does in the context of what this nation is supposed to be all about: the individual. The uniqueness of each person. It turns out this principle applies to health, and to profound nutrition. One size does not fit all.

I could write miles more about Laura, but for now, that’s enough. I’ve never met a practitioner who gives more or does more for her patients.

Feel free to contact Laura’s office:

The Southern California Institute of Clinical Nutrition—(800-608-5602).